Our Aim And Mission


Our aim is to provide a strong school structure where children can grow in confidence whilst developing a love of learning. We intend to meet the individual and academic needs of each child through encouragement and creativity, allowing each child to achieve their full potential and excel. Through celebrating children’s accomplishments, we will equip them with the skills required to continue and embrace their future education.

Flourish and seize every opportunity – Carpe Diem

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a highly competitive private school that will offer a much-needed solution to local families and visiting international families. We aim to become the private school of choice for Infant and Junior school children.

Video clip directed and recorded by Junior pupils at our school

Mission Statement

Bangor Independent School aims to produce a happy and safe environment where children can grow in confidence becoming creative independent thinkers. Building a strong foundation for academic ability, creating future leaders whilst encouraging team players. Bangor Independent School encourages respect, compassion and ambition.