We have just received a lovely message from Twinkl. One of our parents, we don’t know who has posted the message below.
It’s such delightful feedback and very much appreciated. We also want to use this opportunity to say how much we appreciate our families and their support too.
“At the beginning of the fist lockdown Bangor Independent had prepared a pack for each child in the school to take home with them, they organised a way so that each child had the ability to get on line to take part in classroom learning remotely. Every day Monday to Friday they did not fail to be there remotely for all the children not just for an hour but all day, they would have a 40min session then the children would do some work and then later the teacher would log on again and make sure the children were ok and then they would set the afternoon work , and The older classes even had cookery classes with the help of a grown up at home, the children loved the online learning though preferred the idea of being in school, they would have a weekly assembly on a Friday where the whole school connected together so that they could all say hello. The teachers would bring books both reading and exercise books around to the homes of the children and leave them on the doorstep and take back any reading books the children had finished, I can honestly say the children did not feel like they had lost out on learning and still managed to talk to friends throughout. When the school managed to open again they have made sure the children have been able to go to school safely and as a parent I have felt confident that they are safe. And not once so far have they had to close due to a COVID related case. I truly feel like the staff went above and beyond with all the children, and what made life easier was that all parent go to know each other better through a group chat set up by the school staff, this made life so much easier to help the kids with their work. The Children love their school so much and always say its like another family to them. I truly believe the school deserves recognition for all they have done and it would mean so much to the children to see their teachers and their school to be awarded for all their hard work that has been made during this very trying time.” 17/06/2021





I am very happy to have my children attend Bangor Independent School. Since enrolling at the school, their motivation for going to school has rocketed, it is never a struggle to get them ready for school. They love each lesson and all subjects as they find them fun and engaging, this keeps them focused on the lesson and makes it hard to forget what they have learnt. The school has such a welcoming, warm atmosphere for all. The staff are very friendly and approachable and are very dedicated to the school and all who attend. My children feel safe and happy at all times and are very proud to be part of the school. They feel that the school is like one big family.

My son attended this wonderful school until we relocated back to England. He loved every minute and will miss the teachers and his friends dearly. I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting a loving family environment for their children to learn in.

(Parent of a Year 1 Pupil)

No words can explain our gratitude. We will never forget the efforts made by Bangor Independent School during the COVID19 pandemic, it will be a story to tell our grandchildren. We are so glad we chose Bangor Independent School and are delighted with our daughter’s teachers. Thank you to all of them for their support and help for our child.

(Parent of a Reception Class Pupil)

Bangor Independent School has helped build our daughter’s confidence, ready to move on to senior school. The small classes and high standards of discipline have given her the best start. All the teachers are extremely caring, creating a family environment, ensuring all the children feel safe to be themselves. (Parent of a Year 6 Pupil)

My son has been a pupil at Bangor Independent School for over 2 years. The school has a very positive learning environment where the pupils are encouraged to support, praise and celebrate each other! The teaching staff strive to provide a positive family friendly environment where everyone is welcome! Families are encouraged to be part of the school community. The teachers are enthusiastic, informed and always encouraging. There is an open door policy where parents are welcome to speak to teaching staff. (Parent of a Year 5 Pupil).

My children have been attending Bangor Independent School since January 2018. The school is warm, welcoming and with it’s small class sizes, provides a nurturing environment where children want to learn. The staff are professional, engaging and care about the children’s learning. Bangor Independent School is a small school with a big heart and we would recommend it to anyone considering a primary education in the Gwynedd/Anglesey area.

(Parent of Year 4 and Year 6 pupils)

My child’s confidence has improved enormously since attending Bangor Independent School! He is keen to go to school and enjoys participating in class activities. He has a lot to say about lessons, teachers and friends!

Parent of a Year 4 Parent.